The Secret of Happiness – Susan Egan

Have you ever had a moment when you hear someone sing that you get chills. You just know that something magical has happened and you are lucky enough to be listening to it. That was my feeling when I was at Walt Disney World in March and blessed to experience a private concert with Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt.

There must have been some major Pixie Dust in the room that day for these two brilliant women. After leaving the event, Susan and Georgia started to work on their new CD The Secret of Happiness which was released today.

The Secret of Happiness

I received an advanced copy of The Secret of Happiness to review and our entire family has been listening to it non-stop. Yes, my children have let go of their “kids” music and beg to listen to Nina’s Mom or Belle as they refer to Susan as we ride around town. When I told the boys that there was going to be a video for “Nina Doesn’t Care” (our favorite song), they could not wait to see it. They wondered if Susan would be dressed up like Belle. Why you ask? Well, Susan was Belle in Beauty in the Beast on Broadway and received a Tony Award nomination for her fantastic portrayal of the Disney princess. Susan Egan IS a Princess in the eyes of my family. Of course, I wondered how Ariel would be shown given Nina’s love the Little Mermaid.

Susan as Belle - Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

The Secret of Happiness was produced and music directed by Georgia Stitt. The combination of her musical brilliance with Susan Egan’s versatile and breathtaking voice are phenomenal. When I listen to the CD, I get chills, am inspired, want to hug my children, and know that I am not alone in the parenting world.

For laughs and to confuse my children, I love to listen to “Momsense”. I actually captured Susan singing this at Disney on video, so it is even a little more special to me thanks to this.

Picking just one favorite song to talk about would be impossible. The first song on the CD “The Me of the Moment” is my current morning anthem. I put it on in the car on the way to taking the kids to school and it gets us pumped. The lyrics by Georgia Stitt hit home and remind me that it is ok to be going down a different path in life than I expected. Yes, many of us do not expect the journeys that we head into. Getting distracted, dreams moving away, stupid decisions – they happen and it’s ok.

As I mentioned before, “Nina Doesn’t Care” is our family favorite. For my boys – they are in awe that a little girl has a mommy that wrote a song about her. To this mom, it talks about the reality of motherhood. Our kids often do not know what we do. To them we are Mom and nothing else really matters to them. Just the other day, my four year old told me I can’t be a teacher. Since he has never seen me go off to teach, it can’t be true. To JSL, I am the one that plays games, takes pictures, helps him when he is sick, and does the things Mom is supposed to do. Of course, at the end of the day, a hug from our kids makes it all right.

Susan Egan - Photo Credit: Olivier Ciappa

I can not do this song justice and want to share the beautiful video that was released today. As Susan said: “My hope is that, in honor of Thanksgiving, the story of this song will help busy parents like us will stop and take stock of what is truly important and how fortunate we all are!”

I do not have words to express just how much I adore this video. It took the song that I fell in love with in March and brought it to life. I can not wait to share it with my boys when they get home from school today. I know they will love the pokes at Ariel and the animated items within it thanks to Duncan Studios who animated Susan’s character Meg in Disney’s Hercules. Yes, this Disney family is in love!

I could go on and on, but I think listening to the CD is the best way to truly experience the talent that is Susan Egan. The CD is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and also on Thanks to Susan, if you purchase the CD from LMLMusic, you can receive a 20% discount by putting MOMBLOG into the discount code box at check out.

A huge thank you to Susan Egan for reaching out and sharing this beautiful CD.

It's Me

Disclosure: I received this CD complimentary of Susan Egan and Levity Entertainment Group in order to facilitate a review. No other compensation was given. The opinions expressed are my own as a huge fan of Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt.

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