Nina Doesn’t Care – My Four Year Old Certainly Does

Since I went to SheStreams in early October, I seem to be more aware of my video camera. I want to capture those moments that are classic in our life. Yesterday, I wrote about the new Susan Egan CD called The Secret of Happiness.  Our family honestly loves the music, but I do believe that my little guy has a crush on Belle, –er Nina’s Mom – I mean Susan Egan. He asks for her songs in the car and wants to listen and sing along constantly.

JSL had seen my videos of Susan from March, and watched her on Glamour and Goop (Susan’s blog with Georgia Stitt), but never really paid as much attention since he loves listening to her sing. Thanks to this, I was curious what his reaction would be to seeing the video for the first time.

After I picked JSL up at school on Tuesday, we rushed home to see the video that had been released for “Nina Doesn’t Care” that morning. Here is the video, unedited.

As you could see, JSL was trying to sing along, but became a bit too captivated. I would have taped more, but he just sat there repeating the name of the song. Now that he has seen it a lot more, he dances around the living room and sings along with Susan. Thank goodness JSL does not know how to use the camera yet.

Have you ever captured a video of your child in awe of a person that they admire like this? I would love to know – please share.

It's Me

Disclosure: I received this CD reviewed earlier complimentary of Susan Egan and Levity Entertainment Group in order to facilitate that review. No other compensation was given. The opinions expressed are my own as a huge fan of Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt. As you can see the fun was just a major perk that I had to share.

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