Perry the Platypus for President

We are a Phineas and Ferb family. NHL had a birthday party with them as the theme, the kids have pajamas, shirts, special Disney World Perry shirts, toys and more. It is one of a few programs that we can all sit on the couch to watch, laugh, and enjoy together. Of course, as I type this at the dining room table, the boys are watching one of the new episodes and I hear the new song called Zubada.


This song will now be stuck in my head until the next one plays which is going to be shortly. No doubt, Way of the Platypus will be a song that the boys keep singing over and over.


Sure, we love all of the characters from Phineas and Ferb, but there is something extra special about Perry. Not every pet could be a secret special agent and fight evil. Yes, even Perry got me the other night. After the boys had gone to bed, I was avoiding work. I pulled out NHL’s drawing book and made this to surprise the boys with in the morning. I know it needs work, but not too shabby for a first attempt.

 Perry For President

Next, I think I should draw up some Perry for President signs – what do you think?

It's Me

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