Happy Birthday Trees

Dear JSL,

Watching you learn about Jewish holidays at nursery school has been so much fun. You love taking in all of the information and sharing it with us when you get home. Of course, you also adore making crafts that go along with the events.

Tu B'Shvat 2012

Last week, your class celebrated Tu B’Shvat. As you told us, it was time for the trees birthday. One day, when you arrived at school, you were going to add paint to a tree project that you had already started. You were so happy to see what this multi media craft would involve. Another day, you planted parsley seeds into the remains of half an orange. As we drove home and you held onto the orange you were proud to announce that you helped to make orange juice before planting the seeds.

Now we will take the best care of your seeds as possible. With any luck, some parsley will grow and we can use it for our Passover Seder. For now, I look forward to seeing your smiling face as you learn all about Purim in the weeks ahead. I have a feeling you will be a pirate for your festival at school.

Thank you for sharing all that you learn.



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