Preschool Seder Time

Growing up, I still remember Passover Seders at nursery school. When I went to NHL’s during preschool, it brought back amazing memories. Last year, I went with JSL to his first one during his three day a week program. This week, we had another preschool community Seder with JSL’s school. Please join me for a tour of their beautiful event.

When you walked into the room, there were place cards to see which table your family would be sitting at. Then, each of the small round tables was set up for kids and adults to be together. I love that they stack two chairs together to make sure that the kids are able to participate and see everything.

Passover Tables all set

If you take a closer look, there was a Seder plate at the center of each table. Along with this there were platters of matzah, fruit, eggs, carrots, kuggel, tuna, and underneath foil desserts. Each of the kids had their own little setting by them to participate. There were also Haggadahs for everyone to read the Passover story.

Closer view of Seder plates

When the classes arrived, all of the kids went to find their families at the table. JSL came to sit down and we opened up our Haggadah to get ready.

JSL is Seder ready

The kids were active participants. They helped to tell the story, sing songs, and more. JSL had his frog puppet ready when it was time to talk about the plagues.

Frogs were jumping

The kids were not the only ones involved with retelling the Passover story. Some special people showed up as well.

Special Passover guests

This was a great surprise and so much fun to watch the kids interact with everyone. These will definitely be memories that JSL and I will always remember. Of course, the videos I took will also help with that department. Thank you to everyone at nursery school for making this such a wonderful experience.

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  • Pam says:

    Thanks for your great photos and gift of writing , Thanks for sharing your positive energy and comments about the model seder.
    It really made me so happy to read
    HAg Samaech!