The Avengers and LEGO Collide

My boys love all things related to super heroes. Of course, when I say my boys, I mean all three of the boys – including TechyDad. Yes, my husband has been talking for months about a new movie coming out

Avengers LEGO Theatrical Poster

The Avengers will be in theaters May 4 and I have a feeling it will be a date night since the boys are a little too young to see it before we preview. Of course, just because they can’t see the movie right away, doesn’t mean they are not excited. The kids are thrilled to see that Marvel characters from The Avengers will now be made into LEGO items. JSL already has begged to get Captain America for his birthday. NHL loved how Hulk was scaled to be larger than the rest and I agree that is a really nice touch.

Here is a preview of the movie if you have not seen it.

Are you planning on seeing The Avengers? Do you have a favorite hero that you can not wait to see in LEGO form?

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