Two Kickballs Required

Dear NHL and JSL,

Spring break is basically over. It has been a relatively relaxing one spending time with both of you. Thanks to Passover, we stayed close to home most of the time. The weather was cooler and did not allow us to pack a picnic for the park.

Just before break, JSL and I went shopping to get a few things. While there, I walked by the big display of kick balls. I knew that NHL wanted one after using them at school. We walked over and picked one out. Little did I know that it would be very popular with the two of you. So much so that we HAD to get a second one.

The two kickballs went with you and Daddy to the park the other day where you played Volley-Basketball. A few days later, we went back to the park together. It was fun watching the two of you play, run, and get so much energy out. You truly did seem to enjoy having your own kickballs and even made great games using both of them together.

Volley Basketball Time

Yes, some days it is the simple things that make me smile and the two of you so happy. I know this will be something we do over the summer.



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