Watermelon Inspired Biology Lesson

Dear JSL,

There are days when your innocence makes me smile and laugh. This is not a bad thing at all. Thursday afternoon, I had the watermelon on the table for a snack. You came running over full steam ahead. You adore watermelon and flashed your big blue eyes at me. Then the following conversation happened.

JSL: Mommy, can I have watermelon.

Me: Would I ever tell you no? Wait, yes I would….if you had diarrhea.

(Note to self, you brought this upon your snarky self)

JSL: <<Clueless big blue eyes and a smile>>

Me: Wow, I’m impressed. Hmmmm…

Watermelon snack time

As I was giggling, I had to take a photo of you holding the watermelon. After being momentarily distracted with the doorbell ringing, it was time to see if your big brother had a clue in the world. As a teacher, I was perplexed. I remember singing a song as a kid on just this topic. So I wen to your brother.

Me: "NHL do you know what diarrhea is"

NHL: "No – can you please move out of my way"

JSL: "Mommy is diarrhea just for peoples that can read?"

It was at that moment that I walked away. Clearly, stomach bugs have never made an impact on your life (THANK GOODNESS) and I don’t have to worry about you chatting about this topic in school. Now, I just have to hope that you do not start singing that song thanks to me. I guess I should brace myself since you will likely learn a lot of new tricks and words when you head into kindergarten in a few months.



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