Photos on the Go – Appreciating Nature

You never know what may be photo worthy when you are out and about. Often times, I just use my phone quickly to capture something that I want to check into later. Sometimes, I know if I do not get it with my phone , the moment will be lost by the time I get my camera out of my purse. Here are some of those moments from the last week that focus on nature.

On Sunday, it was time to tackle the over grown lawn. Thanks to the dry summer, TechyDad has used our new Black and Decker lawn mower much. It came out and did a nice job shortening the green weeds that make up our lawn areas.

Green Grass and new lawn mower

While wondering around, I also noticed a single white rose. This new rose plant came off of one that had previous been died. None of the other buds made it this year, but this beautiful sign of life came out to say hello that morning.

Lone White Rose

While heading into the library on Monday, the boys and I noticed a lot of activity in the butterfly garden. There were at least a dozen butterflies flying around the flowers. They were amazing to watch and the boys asked me to take out the camera to snap a photo. On the way out, I snagged an extra one with my phone and there was a little bee hanging out as well.

Beautiful Butterfly and Bee

While walking back into the house on Wednesday, a little someone caught my eye. Thank goodness it was nothing too exciting. Just a beautiful little lady that I noted in my letter to the boys.

Lucky Little Ladybug

Then, while getting the garbage cans ready, I noticed the beautiful blooms on the side of the house. These trees have really taken over this summer and the flowers on them have remained for weeks.

Flowers in our yard

No, these photos may not be perfect, but they were taken while on the go. I was able to spend a few moments appreciating nature, her creations, and capture them to look at and smile again later. No doubt these will be appreciated more in the winter months.

What photos have you taken while out and about this week? I would love to know and hear more about how you capture those unique moments while on the go.

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