Our Lucky Ladybug Summer

Dear NHL and JSL,

This week, NHL went to camp every morning. This gave JSL and I some extra time together. We worked on some pre-kindergarten items. Those pesky letters that you need to read and write have been something that you want to avoid. Suddenly, you are interested. On the way home from camp one morning, you asked me a question: “Mommy, you know how you used to be a teacher? Do you remember how to teach?”  

Writing Practice before kindergarten

The supplies that I had waiting for when you were ready showed you that I do indeed remember how to teach. Of course, after some time went by it was time to play. In an attempt to show me that you still love Jake and the Never Land Pirates and want more of the toys sets, Bucky, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Scully, and Captain Hook came out to play.

Jake and the Never Land Pirate play time

Wednesday afternoon, I had some alone time with NHL. It was really nice to be able to go to the store and spend some time together. You had so much to tell me about camp, your new friends, and all of the things you had done. You were thrilled with the activities and everything that they taught you there. Thank goodness things lined up just right and you were able to attend. It truly made my heart melt to see you so happy.

Earlier in the week, JSL and I spotted another ladybug by the house. The two of you have been fascinated with them.

Lucky Ladybug

As I watched the latest ladybug friend, I stopped to take her photo and felt a sense of hope. Seeing so many ladybugs around the house this summer made me think that perhaps these lucky little critters were a sign of good things coming in the school year ahead. I do hope for this because it is what you both need, what we all need.



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