Summer Days 2012

Dear NHL and JSL,

It is hard to believe that there is less than a month before the two of you go back to school. I have often wondered how I would feel that day. NHL, for some reason, it did not phase me as much when you went to kindergarten. Since JSL is the youngest, it has been tough to handle. My little boys are getting bigger.

My little boys

I thought I would be excited, but the reality is that it scares me. I know the two of you will do fine in school. You are both smart kiddos. This really has nothing to do with school and more of time passing by. The two of you are growing up before my eyes and these days will forever change as you learn new things and figure out your paths in life.

While we were at Walt Disney World in April, they reminded us that you only have 18 summers of fun with me. Basically, you have to pack those moments with memories that will last a life time. While JSL is only five, NHL is going to be nine this week. That means that half of your family summers before turning 18 are over. It really does seem like just yesterday when both of you were born, and getting rocked to sleep.

Disney Yacht Club Lobby

So boys, please amuse me when I ask for a hug here or there, or pester you to take and let me capture a moment with my camera. I am not trying to bother you, I am making sure I document these times so we can look back and recall them years from now when you have your own children. Now, let’s make sure we get serious about the next few weeks and other summers ahead of us. We need to make lists of places to see, people to meet, and things to learn about.



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