Early Intervention is Key with Autism

As a parent, we quickly learn that we are the best advocates for our children. Of course, sometimes doing this is easier than other times. Some days, it can be grueling, leaving you in tears, and making you wonder if you are all alone. Those days are hard on the spirit and can definitely knock the wind out of you. On days like that, you learn who your true friends are and who is on your side. Then you make yourself take a deep breath to figure out a plan B, C, D, and maybe even E.

Autism RibbonAs a parent of a child with special needs, I understand this feeling all too well. Years of struggles, countless different answers, and lots of time, energy, and money spent. Watching a child blossom and grow because of early intervention is one of the most amazing items to experience. Your work as an advocate, your child’s grueling hours spent in therapy, and their therapists’ expertise make it worth it when you reach goals that you never believed could happen at one time or another.

Countless people are battling these items each and every day while trying to understand why their child is a statistic. Why is their son, daughter, niece, nephew, granddaughter, grandson, husband, wife, mother, father, cousin, or other person that they love part of the 1 in 88 living with Autism?

On Sunday, October 21, Comedy Central will be airing a special called Night of Too Many Stars. For the fourth year in a row, celebrities will be working together to raise money for Autism charities that support the educational needs of children and families. They not only help to provide programs for the children, but also education for teachers that will be working with the kids in their classrooms. Here is a sneak peek of Jodi DiPiazza:

Jodi and her family are a true inspiration to watch and see that with the right educational tools, kids with special needs can reach goals. With assistance, support, love, and understanding – they can seek new heights and go after their dreams.

There is no cure for Autism, but together we can make a difference to allow people to reach their potential. Remember never to judge a child, parent, or anyone because often you do not know what is happening behind the scenes. Be supportive, help if you can, or just move along and try not to stare. To those amazing individuals out there that work with families like mine, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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