Weekend photos of my boys (9-8-07)

After we got home from the bookstore last Saturday NHL was antsy. He wanted to get energy out and decided to be Steve Irwin and swim around our house with goggles on. I was following him around trying to get a face shot, but the little monkey was just too darn quick. Here are some shots as I was "swimming" after him.

Here’s NHL heading to his room via the hallway:

Me thinks that leg is not a crocodile to wrestle. Mind you my skin may feel as dry as one

The little snot will NOT turn around to show me the goggles, so he continues to his room. (Please ignore the dust bunnies under his bed – those are our new pets. )

He quickly jumps onto the bed and takes the goggles off and gives me this BIG grin. He was so proud that he showed me. This picture makes me see how grown up NHL really is. Where did my baby go?


Soon after this the boys were getting restless thanks to the weather and being tired. So they all piled onto our bed to read the books NHL just purchased. I decided that that was a perfect time to take photos of my three special guys together. Here are some photos of  my boys.

JSL was thrilled to curl up in JL’s arms and have a chance to chomp on his finger. Here’s a great shot of his big blue eyes (please do not stare directly into the nose hairs – LOL).

A bored NHL trying to figure out what to get into next.

Tired boys. . . one of them just won’t admit it. Thanks to that one the smallest one can’t sleep, but another is close to slumber.

I tried to get all three of the boys to smile. That just was not going to happen. So two of them decided to be silly. Here’s the result.


Can you tell I love taking photos of my three boys? Hey I have to try to catch up with JL. Now I’m excited to be able to do with with my own camera (which I did this weekend – not last).

C’est Moi

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