As the Seat Turns

Monday morning we went to breakfast at my parents house. It is rare that everyone has a holiday off, so we took advantage of it. 

Hanging with Papa

While there we decided it would be a great opportunity to head out to my car to turn JSL’s car seat around. Sure he loved being able to look at NHL while turned around, but another milestone has come. The little guy was officially a year old and had long since topped 20 pounds.

JL and I fought with the latch system for a little while to get the seat out. Then we flipped it around, set it upright and struggled to get it latched back in. 

Both seats facing forward

Not long after that it was time to head to the car to witness JSL’s reaction to being turned around. 

Off to see the new riding arrangement

Once he was all buckled in he was a little confused. He was not used to looking to the right for big brother. Still it was the first thing he did – watched to make sure NHL got into his cow seat. 

Looking for big brother

This face tells the story: 

Not too sure about this

Luckily once NHL was on board JSL was content. He soon realized that he could swing his feet around and not have to hit into the seat in front of him. 

Wow, this is comfy - room for my legs

Soon it was time to test drive both car seats facing forward. Both of the boys seemed content and ready to go. 

Both boys ready to ride

JSL was very tired at this point since he was lacking a morning nap. Before we even got to the main road to our destination he was sleeping. Clearly he was quite comfy in his newly turned car seat. 

Conked out within 5 minutes

JSL was so tired that he managed to sleep through most of our shopping trip. On the way home he let us know he was quite happy with the new view from the car. 

Refreshed after a nap


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  • Renee says:

    How fun! Keeghan was SOOOO excited to be turned forward facing (which we cheated and did 10 days early). He and Kennedy have so much fun stealing toys from each other. haha

  • Kmelion says:

    I’m not sure what the legal requirements are here in Israel, but we also turned the car seat to face forward last week.

    They’re growing up so fast!

  • Lisanne says:

    AWWW! Those pictures are *so* cute! :) You have adorable boys. When we turned Meri around, she didn’t like it for about the first 10 minutes. But then she realized that it was very cool and was all happy after that! :) So neat that you documented the event with pictures. We have similar sippy cups, too, to the one in the first photo ~ but they’re butterflies/nature-themed! We do have “Cars” sippies too, though!