Baked Beans + Baby = Bath

So what happens to a sweet smelling one year old boy when he is given baked beans to eat? 

A HUGE mess is created!

Lucky for us most of the mess was on JSL’s face and hands, the rest was on his bib and tray. Thank goodness he did not throw this part of dinner because it would have been very bad.

As mentioned baked beans was one of the items given to JSL for dinner last night.  He also had a veggie dog (mainly pitched onto the floor and down the hall), corn off the cob and some crackers. He loved the baked beans and gobbled them up.

When it was time to take my camera out to capture the amazing baked bean display painted all over his face I received this reaction: 

Peek-a-boo - I see baked beans

I guess he was a little shy. That or he wanted to make sure he got some baked beans on his eye lids too. Apparently that is the rage in the two and under crowd!

As JL and I were trying to figure out how to tackle the kiddo into the tub he just sat there smiling and giggling at us. He certainly had no clue what a frightening task this was for all involved. 

What do you mean my face is dirty?

Although his face, arms and hands were coated in the bean sauce, his hair was not involved THIS time. Thank goodness since it is getting a little long now. Mommy just can not make herself cut the super soft baby hair just yet. It is so nice and just starting to curl like so: 

Lovely hairdo!

As we continued to draft our clean up plan JSL decided he wanted something. First he thought about it:

Hmmm. . . .

 Finally he asked for a "crackah" and some "wah wah" to go with it. 

Cracker time

While JL was off getting the bath ready I decided to feed the boys some chocolate pudding that NHL made. This was the first time JSL had pudding and he really seemed to enjoy it (seriously he did – this photo does not show him growling for more). 

First taste of chocolate pudding

The layers of grime were starting to get crusty so it was since to get the boy into the tub. Here is a view of a clean part of the child. 

Looking down at the mess

Not everyone at the table was wearing their meal, well at least not most of it. NHL was definitely much cleaner than his little brother. 

Mmmmm. . . tastes good

This photo almost made me cry – my baby is all grown up and going to kindergarten in the fall.

Wah - he's all grown up

Finally the tub was ready for the little monkey, so one last photo of the mess before it was time to get all of the food off. 

Just before heading to the tub

For some reason it looked a lot worse once he was sitting in the tub about to get cleaned. Thank goodness I only had the little guy in a onesie for dinner – it made stripping him a lot easier. 

Lots of layers of food to wash off

Here is one last photo of the little guy half clean: 

Half way there

The good news is he is still clean tonight and sleeping (for now at least thanks to major teething). The bad news – he loves baked beans and we will likely have a repeat performance eventually.


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