Bowl hats and Boston accents

Apparently the new in way to condition your hair for the toddler set is to use a bowl that previously had pasta with margarine in it. Case in point my little monkey Monday night. You know the same evening he was eating his toes. Here he is all shiny and conditioned. 

If I smile they can not be mad at me

Could you be angry with that face?  I do not think so! Especially if the little guy is sitting there chanting "hat" over and over as he proudly dons his new chapeau.

Soon after this we took away JSL’s new hat and gave him some crackers. Who knew crackers could be so exciting?Check out his reaction here: 

We are still trying to figure out where the Boston accent comes from. Perhaps I should test this and ask him to say "park the car" and see what happens.

Once the crackers were gone, it was time to use the miracles of soap and it’s surfactant quality to rid the grease build up in JSL’s hair from his new beloved hat. After tub time all three of the boys had some fun romping around. 

The boys being boys before bed time

Right before NHL and I went to read more of a Magic Treehouse book we decided to familiarize JSL with a real hat. 

Sporting a real hat

 Wonder what is in here?

So in review:  JSL not only has a thing right now with eating his own feet, he also loves to put anything and everything on his head and scream "hat" at the top of his lungs.

Ah, to be 14 months old and love the simple things in life!


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