Introducing Sparky

Did you know that static electricity is quite entertaining?  Seriously, it is!

Sunday we went to a local place to celebrate NHL’s birthday with a friend (think Chuck E Cheese with amusement park rides – inside). At one point NHL decided that he wanted to go on the indoor playground. JL thought it would be fun to follow NHL up and take photos of him inside. I went to watch them come down the big slide.

As JL was flying down at me I noticed something. He had sparks flying out of his pants. Yes, the static electricity was quite evident not only thanks to visible sparks, but also the snapping sound that accompanies it.

The little guy soon wanted to join Daddy and big brother in the fun. This meant that I took over control of the camera. I opted to do a video. When we arrived home we decided to check out the photos and videos. Sure enough, we were able to see and hear the static electricity on JL’s pants!

NHL thought it was hilarious and wanted to see it over and over. "Make Daddy go back up the slide and down!"

Who knew?!   Here is the video so you can witness the wonders of static electricity yourself. 

Later on JL was talking to Laura on the phone and told her about the video. She immediately gave him a new nickname –> Sparky! So please help me to welcome hubby’s new nickname.


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  • Kim says:

    I always loved seeing the static sparks when I was a kid. During the winter, I’d crawl under the covers and rub my blankets to see if I could make sparks fly!