Mitzvah Day Fall 2008

Have you done a mitzvah today? If you are not sure what this means, do not worry many people are probably curious as well. The term mitzvah, a hebrew word,  has come to mean any act of human kindness. For further information about the historical meaning of mitzvah I will point you here.

People strive to do mitzvot in their everyday lives without making it obvious that they are doing so. Each year our synagogue has a Mitzvah Day in the fall where congragants go out into the community to do good for others. Some of the opportunities were to help out at the Ronald McDonald House, serve food at the local mission, and dance to entertain residents at a senior center.

Beautiful Fall Day

The children from the hebrew school in grades K-3 were asked to participate in the dancing. NHL was very excited about this and wanted to go with his friends. We decided to participate. Everyone was supposed to arrive at our synagogue at 12:30 for lunch. When we arrived we were greeted by my grandmother working at the registration table.

A friendly face at the registration desk

After lunch we drove to the senior center for the dancing. NHL was quite excited and had a hard time waiting to get on the "stage" to dance.

All ready to dance

Here is a shot of him dancing and having a fabulous time. He really is starting to understand the broad picture of what doing a mitzvah is now thanks to hebrew school.

Group dance

Meanwhile JSL was a little antsy. At the end he decided to untie JL’s laces and have some fun.

Getting into trouble

This was a great experience and we look forward to future Mitzvah Days to participate in within the community.

So will you do a mitzvah today?


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  • RobMonroe says:

    That sounds like a great way to spend a day! Our little one will definately be involved in stuff like this when she’s old enough.

  • Sheila says:

    How cool! I’m reading a book right now on Hannukkah (how many ways are there to spell that?). I’m so excited because I want to, even though we’re not Jewish, sorta celebrate it. By sorta I mean I have no clue other than my book to point me in the direction.

    Right now I’m on the history of the holiday but the next chapter is Lights. I’m so excited! I want them to learn about other traditions. My daughter dated a nice kid a couple yrs ago that was 1/2 catholic and 1/2 Jewish. He celebrated both. so I learned a little then , but need to learn more.

    I hope you do a big post on that holiday, I’ll be looking for it. !!!!

  • citystreams says:

    How did you get the ADORABLE mask on top of the lady’s face? I need to do that for some of my kids who participated in the photosynthesis t-shirt day but didn’t get permission slips signed to be on the internet. Thanks!