Mother’s Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Everyone was very tired after our dinner at Chef Mickey. We decided to call it an early night and head back to Pop Century. Our luggage had arrived in the room and we got the boys settled into bed. They faded quickly.

The next morning was Mother’s Day. We had planned to go to Disney Hollywood Studios. My parents went to use some snack credit on our dining plan for their breakfast. The boys and I took extra time putting sun lotion on. We opted to take some oatmeal bars for a breakfast on the move. As you can see…the lines were sparce when we arrived for the buses. 

Bus area before leaving for the day

We arrived at Disney Hollywood studios an hour before the park opened. This gave us time to make a plan for when the park opened. JL was going to take all of our tickets to walk quickly to Toy Story Mania. We would make our way there to the line for a ride. It was neat seeing the park so quite before everyone was there.

Before the park opened

Quiet street before opening

They finally opened the main gate for everyone to see the spiel that they do at the opening of the day. JL made his way to the front. When the director said action, he was off to Toy Story Mania. Mom, Dad, the boys and I quickly found our way to the Pixar area. JL already had our Fast pass tickets to return, so we opted to go onto the standby line. Within 5 minutes we were on the ride. The people that designed this attraction did an amazing job taking you inside the life of the toys. You are immediately transformed into a world from Toy Story.

Toy Story Mania

About the photos from top left-right and bottom left-right. 1. The entrance of Toy Story Mania, 2. Giant Candyland, 3. Monkey along the way, 4. Toy Story Mania, 5. Fabulous game/ride – Toy Story Mania, 6. Happy to try Toy Story Mania, 7. Ready to ride and play the game, 8. Nana and Papa ready to go

After riding Toy Story Mania the first time we decided to wander to the Muppets area. This took us along the back lot. Mom took a photo of the four of us and then some kind people took the only photo that we had of our entire group. 

With the boys 

Our only photo with all 6 of us

Just around the corner from NYC, we found ourselves surrounded by familiar Muppet friends. We wandered around and then went to see the show. 

Muppet Time!

 1. Time for the Muppets, 2. Ready for the show, 3. Glasses a bit too large, 4. Outside Muppet Vision 3D

Upon stepping out of the Muppet theater, we quickly saw that they were opening up the area to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater from the movie Cars. We waited for the photo opportunity. NHL and JSL were not too sure. We actually had to switch sides since Mater’s loud noises were really bothering the little guy.

Time spent with Cars

After we said goodbye to Lightning and Mater, we went back to Toy Story Mania to ride with our Fast Pass. When the ride was over we parted ways with Nana and Papa. They went to explore the park and get a Fast Pass for Dad and I to go on the Rockin Roller Coaster. The boys and I opted to try out the Playhouse Disney Show. This was a cute show. The only negative in my mind, as an adult, is sitting on the floor scrunched next to a ton of people. It was well worth the sleepy legs since both of the boys loved seeing familiar faces. 

The Super Sleuths  Goofy and Mickey Mouse

The Playhouse Disney show

By the time the show was over it was already time to use our Fast Pass for the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Dad and I went on line and the boys and Nana went to get fast pass for the Tower of Terror and look for a place to have lunch. Fifteen minutes later we were off the coaster. It was absolutely amazing! It was the first time I kept my eyes open and enjoyed a coaster. It was fast, smooth, and the light show made it even more fabulous. It took us a while to get a hold of the rest of the gang. They had found a restaurant that was inside and had a decent menu. We walked over and had lunch while JSL slept.

While walking away from the restaurant after lunch something happened. I suddenly felt my glasses shift and was queasy. Sure enough the nose pad on my glasses was gone. There was no hope in finding it. This was not a good start to the vacation since I had no clue where or how to get them fixed. Papa, JL and NHL went off to the Tower of Terror. JL refused to do this on our honeymoon, but this time did not want to be out done by his five year old son.

Brave little Tower of Terror boy

 1. The ride that NHL wanted to go on, 2. Before Tower of Terror, 3. What goes up . . .

Meanwhile my mother and I wandered with sleeping JSL to get a spot to watch the Beauty and the Beast show. This show had major memories from the last visit I had with my family. I was able to get an apple for JSL to have while waiting for the show. When the boys arrived we went to our seats and enjoyed the beautiful show. As you can imagine the boys were mesmerized and barely moved during the performance.

All of the favorites from Beauty and the Beast Belle and the Beast

After the show Dad and I decided to go back on Rockin’ Roller coaster since the line was very short. This time the boys and Nana waited in the Aerosmith store for us to come out. Lucky me, since it meant that JL was able to capture the photo from our ride. 

First time on the coaster with my father Amazing ride - best coaster I have ever been on 

Family at Disney Studios

At this point there was not a lot of time before our dinner reservations at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. We decided to walk over to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid to enjoy the show sitting in a nice air conditioned theater. 

Waiting to see the Little Mermaid 

Ariel The face of real trouble

Finally it was close to dinner time. We all walked toward the restaurant. NHL stopped to see some topiaries and JSL enjoyed walking with Papa.  

NHL looking at the Snow White topiary

Papa takes the little guy for a stroll

Our meal at the Prime Time Cafe was very good. We were on the dining plan, so each of us was able to get a beverage to start. JL, Mom and I all had Berry Smoothies, Dad had a Diet Coke Float and NHL wanted milk. The boys shared NHL’s macarroni and cheese, JL had a Tuna meal and the rest of us had an amazing salmon dish. The antics of the server are well worth the visit. We also had yummy desserts with our meals before heading out of Disney Hollywood Studios. 

Mother's Day Meal Memories 

1. Boys trying to be sweet, 2. Back to before I was here, 3. Mother’s Day dinner, 4. Our wacky server

Rather than go right back to Pop Century we followed my parents to Downtown Disney for a little while. NHL was curious to see the monster World of Disney store and we were all curious about Goofy Candy Co.

Quick trip to Downtown Disney 

1. The boys outside the Winnie the Pooh Store, 2. Stitch spits at you as you enter, 3. Mirror fun time, 4. Never did buy anything here

Quickly we realized it was time to go. We had been away from our room for over 12 hours and we were all getting cranky. By the time we got to our resort the boys were ready to recline in their stroller. 

Resting in the rented stroller

Then we walked back to our room in the 80’s area of Pop Century with the glow of the Rubics Cubes lighting our way. 

Heading back to room after a long day

As expected the little guy was fast asleep by the time we made it to our room.

Night-night little guy

All four of us quickly fell asleep as we caught some Z’s before our big day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


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  • Nancy says:

    Isn’t Toy Story Mania awesome? Alex still talks about it all the time.

    I agree with you on the Playhouse Disney show, being scrunched on the floor wasn’t fun. The kids really enjoyed the show though.

    I’m impressed with your full day! Can’t wait to see how long you kept up that pace. :)

    Nancy’s last blog post..Finally some good news

  • What wonderful pictures of an unforgettable vacation, thank you for sharing!!!! I especialluy love NHL in the reclining stroller looking out and JSL sleeping, so cuddley!!!!

  • Looks like you had a great time. I love your sons’ sunglasses. My little boy would love to see Lightning McQueen and Mater. You are creating wonderful memories for your kids.

    Cascia @ Healthy Moms’s last blog post..How to Tell if Your Cosmetics Have Expired

  • Damselfly says:

    Catching up … reading your Disney posts … you guys really did a lot! Especially, it seems, at Hollywood Studios. When we took our boy there, we couldn’t find a whole lot that was for his age or that he was interested in. The Toy Story attraction had a 70-minute wait with no more Fast Passes being given out (not gonna happen!), and we didn’t think he would sit through a live show. So basically we saw the Muppet Show and the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area. I bet getting there before the park opens as you did really helps, especially in getting those Fast Passes! As many times as I’ve been to Disney in my life, I don’t think for once I ever got there before the park opened! We should try to do that.

    Damselfly’s last blog post..What I’d Wear Wednesday: Wedding-guest wear

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