Challah, apples and lots of honey – Rosh Hashana 2009/5770

The boys and I went to my parents house for dinner Saturday evening to celebrate Rosh Hashana together. Shhh. . . don’t tell anyone that I took photos, but I did.

Before we sat down the eat, the boys played for a little while. They had fun running around. The little guy was not as thanks to a nap after his meltdown at temple. NHL and JSL had a lot of jump tackling Daddy on the ground.

Play time

Soon it was time to sit down at the table to eat. Here is a look at everything that we had from start to finish: 

Foods for our meal

1. Almost ready to eat, 2. Round challah with raisins, 3. Delicious chicken, 4. Green beans, 5. Corn and couscous, 6. Apple turnover  Not pictured are the rainbow cookies that I splurged and bought. They were eaten rather quickly.

The boys both had fun dipping their apples in honey. JSL was a little confused about the sticky "dip-dip" as he calls it. 

Apples and dip-dip

NHL was enjoying his honey so much, that he opted to have some challah with the sweetness on top as well. 

NHL eats his apples with honey

We all enjoyed our meal, dessert and then it was time to head home. Nana requested a photo of the two boys with the shorts that they had given them. Do you think the boys were willing subjects?  Here are two photos to answer this question.

Exhibit 1: 

My silly boys

Exhibit 2: 

Hugs for the little guy

Did you really expect anything different?!  Oh well, we tried.

Next up is Yom Kippur on Monday. We will have to see whether the little guy and I head to services. These long days in temple are tough for him with nap time and not being able to settle there.




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