Halloween 2009

Stuck home and not happy to be in the chair.

Trying to get out

Luigi with the lame mustache that came with the costume. It covered the mouth so talking was not possible (Hmmmm. . . . )

 Costume problem = mustache

Fixed the mustache on the fly. Thank you Avon eye liner!

 New mustache = plan B

TechyDad wearing his costume from a wedding he was in last Halloween.

Aragon and Luigi

 Of course, the rain started right when we went out in the neighborhood:

Shielded from the rain

 Having fun with Pluto hat and glow bracelets while waiting to give out candy to those that braved the rain.

In the Halloween spirit

As a mostly Wordless Wednesday, I just had to put a few filler items in to explain the photos. Thanks to his febrile seizure Thursday, the little guy was not able to get dressed up and go trick-or-treating. He was still celebrating in his own way. Big kid was able to head out to a few houses after being fever free three days after the week long flu battle.


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