Off to a wedding we go

Yesterday morning, we packed up the car. In the back seat was a very excited three year old singing his own little song. In a sweet little voice, he was saying, "I goin’ to a wedding – a wedding!"  – over and over. He really had no clue what to expect. To be honest, neither did NHL since the only wedding he has been to was my brother’s just over five years ago.

When I was little, I remember heading out to western NY for long weekends. We would stay at a hotel and go to visit my mother’s first cousin MB and her family. As the only girl in the group of kids, I learned to play with the boys. Here I am in the middle of RB and JB. Not sure where my brother was at this moment (probably too little for the swings).

Cousins in the 80's

Fast forward 20+ years and we are all grown up now. I was the first of the bunch married almost nine years ago. Here I am today with my husband, you know TechyDad.

C'est Moi with TechyDad

JB was married in December to LB (another teacher in the family). Sadly, we were not able to go to their wedding across the country. I had a nice time chatting with LB several times and look forward to seeing them again soon.

JB and his wife LB

Yesterday, it was RB’s wedding that we went to. He and KB are now husband and wife. Here is a photo of the newly married couple just before they cut their wedding cake.

RB and his beautiful new bride KB

We had a fabulous time and there is so much to share. Here is one photo of my little guys having a blast at the wedding festivities.

My boys were party animals

Thank you again to cousins MB and LB for inviting our entire family to be party of this special occasion. Mazel tov again on both of your boys being married!


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