A Request for Superman Sam

If our neighbors were looking at us funny on Father’s Day, it made sense. You see my boys were dressed up like superheroes on our front lawn for a photo shoot.

Team Superman Sam

This is not something that we typically do. No, we were on a mission. A mission to help a mother. A mother who has had her life turned upside down in just over a weeks time. A family that heard the news nobody ever wants to learn, no less about the six year old member. Phyllis Sommer, aka Imabima, was told that her beautiful son Sam has Leukemia. Cancer – the “c” word that nobody wants to utter or have used in a sentence about their child was now a reality for the Sommer family.

Phillis and her husband Michael are both rabbis and started a blog to document about Superman Sam. Just after we got home from having Father’s Day brunch I noticed that Phyllis had a new blog post up: Superheroes for Sam: A Photo Project. Our plans changed and superhero items were quickly grabbed from around the house. When we explained to the boys what we were up to, they wanted to see Sam’s photo. They had heard me talk about Imabima before, but did not know Sam. They were excited to be part of Superman Sam team to help someone close to their age smile. NHL knew that this was a mitzvah. To me, it is more. It is not only making a little boy smile during a time that he never should be dealing with – it is helping a mother to grant a wish for her little boy. A mother who is trying to make sense of this life changing news. This mother who could be any one of us.

Phyllis, our thoughts, prayers, and Team Superman Sam wishes are with you from our part of New York. Let Sam know that NHL, JSL, TechyDad, and I are cheering him on. And most important know that TechyDad and I are sending you and Michael hugs and well wishes. Know that although we are not geographically close, we are with you. A package from us will be coming soon.

If you want to be part of Team Superman Sam and send him a photo, please head to the post for mailing address and other information here.

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