Twelve Years and Counting

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Twelve years ago today, I married JL who later became TechyDad. On that beautiful June day, we were with our family and friends at the synagogue I grew up in. We were so young and naïve at the time.

TheAngelForever marries TechyDad

All of the preparations for this day were finally real and we could celebrate the beginning of our life together.

My family under the chuppah

It’s funny looking back at the photos from our wedding. While I remember some of the things that took place, many do not ring a bell because we were so into the moment meeting and greeting everyone that came to be with us. I would not change much, but would probably stop to step back and watch a bit more. Of course, my mind was a bit distracted. TechyDad and I were so excited about our honeymoon. We saved to go on an amazing Walt Disney World trip, his first ever.

With Mickey Mouse 12 almost 12 years later

JL, thank you for always being there the last 12+ years. No matter what happens, I know you are in my corner and cheering me on. I can not wait to see where the next years take us and what new magical moments will come our way.

It's Me

For more wedding photos and memories:

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