Time for the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party

April can only mean one thing in the Blogosphere. It is time to get hopping from blog to blog to meet new friends, and say hello to some from the past. Yes, it is time for the…

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

I really do enjoy The Ultimate Blog Party because it reminds us to head back out into the blogging community to do what we used to do all the time. You remember what that was, right? Oh the good old days of roaming around and leaving comments to our fellow bloggers. Now when so many people reading blog posts on Feedly or mobile devices many of us (including myself) are guilty of saying they will leave a comment later. So pull up a chair, have some delicious goodies, and let me introduce myself.

Snacks for the UBP 2014

My name is Beth and I have been writing on The Angel Forever since February 2007 when I was expecting my second son. I wanted a place to capture memories and be able to vent. All these years later, my blog has given me opportunities and experiences that I never would have imagined. Even more important, my blog has allowed me to meet some amazing people online and in real life who are now my very good friends.

Views from my world

The Angel Forever is a lifestyle blog where I write about my life. I have been married to TechyDad for almost 13 years and we have two boys, NHL 10 and JSL 6. I often write about books that we are reading for Tuesday Tales and participate in the fun Disney Wordless Wednesday to show my always present #DisneySide. As an educator, a passion of mine is Public School Advocacy. This week we joined countless families around New York State who had their children refuse the grade 3-8 ELA exam. In addition to this, I am an autism advocate who tries to educate others. Why? Well, two years ago, our son was finally diagnosed as an Aspie. Now I strive to help others to understand his perceptions of the world. Knowledge is power and the more people know, the better the level of acceptance will be.

In a way, blogging is therapeutic for me. It gives me a way to express how things are going in our life and share our adventures. Plus, in life there are no limits, so something fun or important is perfect for sharing here on The Angel Forever. Some of those items are our Whovian/geeky side, my fondness for tech items (I am a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger), my creative side with arts/crafts/knitting/crocheting, and travels to museums near and far.

We hope to share more of our travels and life experiences as we keep on swimming.

Are you participating in the Ultimate Blog Party? If you are, please let me know your post link and I will be sure to stop by. If not, why not join the fun? Take some time to look around and enjoy. I look forward to the fun over the next week and beyond!

FYI, you can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

It's Me

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