A Snow Filled Apology

Dear NHL and JSL,

This morning we woke up to more snow. Last time it snowed, it was too cold to stay outside and everyone was pretty sick afterward. Today was the perfect chance to head out and get some playing in.

Most of the snow on the sidewalk out front was already gone, so we had to think about a place to use the sled. Daddy suggested we try the back yard. This is where my apology comes in. For some reason we have NEVER gone to play in the snow back there.

Now, I think we all know that this was a huge mistake. Both of you had an amazing time. You made a sled track, made snow castles, snow cakes, and even tried to make angels. It was so much fun watching you romp, play, laugh, and enjoy the time together.

I brought my camera outside to capture some of the memories. For now I am going to show you one video I took. This video is of NHL being chased by Daddy pulling around JSL. The three of you had a blast romping in the snow:

Thank you both for the magical snow memories. It made all of the shoveling worth the effort to see both of you so happy.




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