Poor Perry the Platypus

Dear JSL,

This week, we had to head to the doctor to have something checked out. It was not an expected visit. Since we were tossed in right before lunch, I made sure that you took some items with us to keep busy.

 Poor Perry Platypus

I think you may have been a bit upset at waiting for the doctor. I do not remember what the story was with this set up, but Perry was not looking too happy at the time.

Once we were finished at the doctor, we went to Target to look for some presents for Daddy’s birthday. While there, we noticed some new learning games for your LeapPad. We just took it back out the other day and you love using it to really learn your letters and sounds before kindergarten. The best part, the store also had an AC adapter to use so we do not have to fuss with batteries when home.

New LeapPad Disney Games

We immediately bought the AC Adapter, but held off on the games. Later on, you and I went back out to the store to look for presents for Daddy and NHL. We eventually bought the Jake and the Never Land Pirates game for the Explorer as something for the next doctor visit.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Leap Frog Explorer Game

It was definitely a splurge, but you really love Jake and need games that are better for you (some DS and Wii ones are so frustrating). This certainly fits the bill and I know it will help to take your mind off of things a bit.

Goodnight Perry the Platypus

I promise, we will get through this stressful time. Thank goodness, Perry was fine and managed to snuggle with you that night in bed.



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