Photos on the Go – Take 1

Although I almost always have my point and shoot camera with me, I often do not have enough time to get it ready. Thanks to my new cell phone, I am able to capture some very nice images that capture memories that will last. Let’s take a glance at some of the items that I did not blog about yet.

Super JSL Buzz Lightyear received a cool new present. He thought it was hilarious that he was wearing his Buzz Lightyear shirt and wanted a photo. This was his idea for the pose.

Super JSL Buzz Lightyear

While watching the Summer Olympics, I was able to get some knitting done. After a few days, I had accomplished quite a lot and was ready for some more yarn.

Summer Knitting during the Olympics

We went to a CSI style event at the library. The boys learned how to be animal detectives. More about this will be coming soon.

CSI Animal Hunt Summer Event


For TechyDad’s birthday, we bought him a few packages of the LEGO mini figures. They are in series and are randomly inserted. Much to our surprise, two that he really wanted were in the ones we got, along with an Olympic swimmer.

LEGO Mini Figures

The boys went with me to bring something to my old college campus. We parked a distance away and walked in the court yard area. The boys were amazed with how beautiful it was and how I knew my way around. They also had fun seeing tour groups of incoming freshman walking around.

My old college campus

It was just too warm to bake in the house, so the boys helped me to pick out a cookie cake for TechyDad’s birthday. He requested one and the boys had fun selecting the colors and what it should have written on top. It was delicious in case you were wondering.

Cookie Birthday Cake for TechyDad

Nana and Papa’s Goofy now has a friend. He must have been lonely hanging upside down by the plants, so Dopey is hanging around with him

Jim Shore Goofy and Dopey

While at Nana and Papa’s house checking on Goofy and Dopey, JSL and I took some time to just relax together. One of the activities we did was make some maps and pictures with the crayons. It was fun to play with 120 Crayola Crayons and watch the little guy color.


On Friday, the Capital Region finally got our first Trader Joe’s. We braved the crowds and went to get some items that you can not get at other locations. Had the crowds been a little less I would have taken more photos of the unique store that others already cherish.

Trader Joe's in Albany

What photos have you taken while out and about this week? I would love to know and hear more about how you capture those unique moments while on the go.

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