Eleven Years

Dear NHL,

Eleven years ago today, you decided that you wanted to surprise us by arriving a few weeks early. That moment you showed how you were going to lead us into a new and exciting world. Being your mother has been an amazing and loving journey. Of course, I have to admit that it has also been an adventure like no other. For some reason, nobody ever tells you that parenting comes with no instructions and you kind of make it up as you go along. I am blowing my cover now, but at eleven years old I need to confess. Here we go, I admit that being a perfect parent is impossible and I know I will no doubt mess up as we continue along.

First time mother

NHL, you are an amazing young boy. You constantly amaze me with how smart and in tune you are with parts of the world around you. Not only are you a math whiz, but you get principles of science, love learning about people, places, and things from history and crave academic knowledge to share with everyone. Even when things were tough this year with so many changes in the educational world, you did your best to work through it. You finished elementary school and are waiting to begin your middle school years. Please know that while it may be a big transition this year, it is one that everyone goes through and it will make you stronger. Each and every bump along this road will help you to become a better person, please remember that.

 11th Birthday Wishes

Always know that you can come to me and tell me anything and everything so I can help you. This year you did that after something big had happened and I listened. It took us a while to fix the problem, but we did it together thanks to you opening up to me and standing up for yourself. It was a proud moment and together we can make a difference by being advocates together.

While I could go on and on about items that you did over the last year, like I have done for the last eight years, I know you are more private now. I am giving you space to help me to figure out what to share in my blog. I respect that because it is not always mine to write about. Perhaps you would like to help and write your views one day instead.

On that note, I wish you only the best now and forever. You will always be my baby and I will be standing by your side cheering you on as you show everyone around you how you will spread your wings and fly high. Nothing can stop you if you stay focused, do your best, and believe in yourself.



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