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Crocs a Colorado Company with Heart

I am a big fan of buying products from companies that support their community. Our family owns a lot of Crocs. I have sandals, wedges, Mary Janes, and other items. I bought my father a pair with the Dodgers logo and a pair of Yankees ones for TechyDad. I almost always wear one pair or another while visiting Disney World. Recently, we noticed that the boys Mickey Mouse Crocs that we purchased last year were nearly too small. Thanks to this, the kids got fun Crocs.

Lego Crocs

Unfortunately, the ones for JSL were too big. Since we were not close to the outlet to return them, I went online the other night to check out new options. The perfect pair of Toy Story Crocs were available in his size. I ordered them. The following day, I received an e-mail from Crocs that warmed my heart.

Crocs is a company based in Colorado. We all know about the tragedy that happened in the  Aurora, Colorado community. From now until July 31st, Crocs will be donating $5.00 to benefit the Aurora Victim Relief Fund on

So, if you were looking to get new Crocs for the rest of the summer, back to school, or some other occasion – now is the time. I am simply writing this because I wanted to share about company that is reaching out and has in the past across the globe. Now, they are once again helping those within their own state and we can do our part as well.

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Tuesday Tales – 2012 Summer Reading Programs

Growing up, I remember spending a lot of time at the library. We would go there to check out new books and sign up for the summer reading program. These days, most local libraries have some kind of reading program for children of all ages to participate in. If you are unsure about programs near you, please contact your local library. In addition to these, many libraries offer enrichment activities for kids to enjoy at little or no cost during the summer months.

Making Story Towers

Last year, I wrote about going to several events including:

This year, the New York State Libraries are all working around the theme Dream Big READ. More information can be found on the Summer Reading NYS website. Here, you can find booklists, videos, games, crafts, coloring, and more items for elementary aged kids, teens, parents, educators, and even for infant to preschoolers. They also created this video as a PSA:


This summer, both of the boys will be eligible for the same program since JSL will be heading into kindergarten and NHL fourth grade. JSL and I will continue to read Magic Tree House Books together and work on his reading readiness with some picture books. Meanwhile, NHL will probably explore different genres of chapter books. I secretly hope that he will think about reading The Series of Unfortunate Events or perhaps Harry Potter. I do know that we will reinstate the “Reading Ultimatum” that eventually fizzled out some during the homework months.

So, will you be participating in a summer reading program with or without your local library? I would love to know what you do with yours, so please share in the comments below. As always, Tuesday Tales are all about spreading the love for books. What have you read recently? Please be sure to link up to your book posts in the comments below. Include something you read on your own, with a child, or someone else.

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Tuesday Tales – Pinterest For Dummies

Alright, it’s time to confess – have you gone to the dark side yet? I am not talking about Star Wars, although a lot of pins for related items will be found there. I am referring to Pinterest. As I have mentioned before, I joined Pinterest at the end of December and have written about it multiple time.

Typeamom and SlpowellWhat I never mentioned was how I was hooked. Back in September 2011, I went to SheStreams in NYC. One of my roommates happened to be Kelby Carr.

While in our hotel room one evening, we got talking about Social Media. Yes, we are geeks at heart. Kelby, @Typeamom, was trying to sell Shannan and me on Pinterest. It was just a whisper at the time. I kept saying that I just did not have time to devote to another something. I was clueless and Kelby should have slapped me.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. I was bored and mentioned something on Facebook. Kelby immediately told me that I should just join Pinterest and go to the Dark Side already. I made an excuse about not having an invitation. Seconds later, I had one in my e-mail from my dear friend. Yes, I was the Jewish girl learning, exploring, and pinning her way through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Kelby Carr, the evil one that hooked me on Pinterest, is now an author of a book all about Pinterest.

Pinterest for Dummies

Why yes, Wiley knew the real deal and asked Kelby to write Pinterest For Dummies which was released May 8. I was even in Florida when she received her first copy from Ellen.

Like other books from the Dummies line, Pinterest For Dummies really does take a new user step-by-step and explain the ropes. You learn what to do to get started, including getting an invitation, linking profiles, and adding a bio. Once that is settled, you venture into creating board. I love that Kelby shows how to name, pick a category, and then walk you through how to rearrange and edit things later on. The other chapters include:

  • Pinning and Repinning <—Beware this can become addictive, but great to organize
  • Socializing on Pinterest <—Always fun to see what friends have pinned.
  • Using Community Features
  • Finding Ways to Use Pinterest <— I think it is a great tool for parents/teachers!
  • Going Mobile with Pinterest <—Still sad it is not Android friendly.
  • Understanding Pinterest Etiquette <—Hot topic within the social media world.
  • Controlling Privacy and Other Settings
  • Self-Promoting on Pinterest
  • Ten Companies Using Pinterest Effectively
  • Ten Power Pinners to Follow
    What I really enjoyed while reading and  browsing around Pinterest For Dummies was the Where’s Waldo effect within the book. Seriously, Kelby’s use of photos for examples in each step show cases some pretty cool people. Check this one out from page 68 in the book.

Familiar faces in Pinterest for Dummies

If you are new to Pinterest or really want to learn how to maximize the power behind it, I highly recommend this book. More related to the book can also be found on the Pinterest For Dummies board on Pinterest of course!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? Do you have thoughts on Pinterest For Dummies? Let me know where to find you on Pinterest and I will catch you there.

As always, Tuesday Tales are all about spreading the love for books and learning. What have you read recently? Please be sure to link up to your book posts in the comments below. Include something that you read on your own, with a child, or someone else.

It's Me

Disclosure: I received Pinterest For Dummies from Wiley in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was given. The opinions expressed in the review are my own. One Amazon Affiliate link is included in this post for the book mentioned and another is coming next. Kelby Carr’s second book Pinterest Marketing For Dummies  will be coming out July 24, 2012 and you can already preorder it from Amazon. I will receive a percentage of money for the sale should you opt to buy any of the books through my links.  I know I am looking forward to the next book.

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A Different Point of View

There are days when you have to tilt your head a little differently. You know what I mean. Some scenarios require you to put on a “new hat” and tilt your head to observe something in a different way. Let’s be honest, what you observe one moment may not look the same a short while later.

Do you see what I see

Like I said, you may just need to look a little more closely at the item or situation at hand. If you allow yourself to do this, you never know what you may find around the corner or right in front of your face. It is at this point that the magic may appear before your eyes.

Hidden Mickey

This is a reminder to be flexible. Remember, it is okay to think outside of the box. Sometimes leaving your comfort zone will reveal a new and rewarding opportunity for you.

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Welcome Home to Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

I have been going to Walt Disney World since the late 1970’s. I can remember before a lot of the resorts were built. On the flip-side, I can also recall the wonder of visiting many of them for the first time. What I had never done before the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was tour a resort before it opened.

Art of Animation Resort

Yes, on the last evening of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, our families were whisked away by buses to an amazing new world. The Art of Animation Resort does not officially open until May 31. When you pull onto the grounds, it is hard not to feel the magic that you are about to live. No, it is well beyond an experience.

The minds behind Disney’s Art of Animation Resort truly have thought of everything. The resort brings you into the world of Disney Animation and will put you into four movie worlds. Yes, by the end of the year you will be able to spend time with these amazing Disney classics.

Four Worlds to Explore

On May 31, Finding Nemo will officially open up to the public. Cars will open June 18, Lion King August 10, and The Little Mermaid wing will finalize the resort September 15. The Art of Animation Resort is a value property consisting of mostly family suites. The initial three phases will contain the suites. The Little Mermaid area will be themed, but with rooms like Pop Century which is adjacent to the new resort. Rates for the 1,120 family suites will begin at $248 per night. These rooms can sleep up to six and include two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and three sleeping areas. The 864 standard rooms will sleep up to four and will be as low as $95 a night.

The story telling begins the moment you walk into the door of the lobby – Animation Hall.  When you go in, be sure to look up at the amazing chandelier that is made up of animation storyboards.


As you continue walking, you will see pencil sketches that begin telling stories of Nemo, Lightning McQueen, Simba, and Ariel. Their worlds come alive as the drawings are fine tuned and begin to have color added to them throughout the hall.

Welcome time

Once it is time to check into the resort, you go to smaller individual greeting desks. Here cast members will assist you in making your magical vacation begin.

Time to check in

After checking in, it is finally time to head out to find your room. When doing this, you will likely walk outside and get your initial view of the “Big Blue” pool area. Get ready to be wowed. Seeing it in photos is not going to be the same as watching the world of Finding Nemo appear before your eyes. This Nemo world includes the largest resort swimming pool in all of Walt Disney World. It measures 11,859 square feet.

Big Blue Pool

Just looking at the pool makes you want to “Keep on Swimming” like Dory would say. As you wander around the pool area, you will see colorful reefs, Nemo, Marlin, Mr. Ray, Crush, and other friends from under the sea.

Nemo friends by the pool

Behind the main pool area is a children’s splash area. Imagine an afternoon here letting the kids run, play, and cool off after a morning at the parks

Splash and Play

Of course, if you prefer a place for the kids to stay dry while running and playing, head over to Squirt. Yes, the little dude is watching over the Righteous Reef which is a children’s play area.

Righteous Reef Play Area

If you are staying in the Finding Nemo rooms, be sure to pay attention to the details along the route. Even the plants make it seem like you are swimming along with Nemo and friends. In addition to this, the side of the buildings have fish that are your friends, along with sharks, adding to the beautiful theming. Oh and don’t forget to look up as well. You may recognize some of MINE my friends there.

Attention to details low and high

We were allowed to tour the Finding Nemo suites and it was beyond gorgeous inside the rooms. While I love the theming at each of the previous Disney resorts that I have stayed at, I do believe this may be my favorite. There is just something extra special about sleeping in a world from one of your favorite Disney films. When you walk into the room you will be greeted with a table and chairs. When ready for a nap or to sleep for the night, this area transforms into a double bed. The murphy bed has a Nemo scene above it for sweet dreams.

Sleep time transformation

The rest of this room includes a kitchenette area, along with a couch that transforms into a sofa bed, and television. Note the fine details from the art on the wall, the coral lamps, and beyond.

Main Room Area

The two bathrooms are amazing and I would love either/both of them in my own home. Of course, even the mirror reminds you of some very important words from Finding Nemo.

Both bathrooms

The separate bedroom area has a queen size bed, television, dresser, and full bathroom within the space. Once again, you will see that you are under the sea in every way possible.

Bedroom area

My father was actually able to snag some photos of the Cars area that will be opening in mid-June. The paved road in this area will lead you to the Cozy Cone Motel that will also have a Cozy Cone pool and cone-shaped cabanas.

Cozy Cone Motel

Just from these views of the resort, I can only imagine how stupendous (my son’s favorite word) the Lion King area will be with the elephant graveyard for kids to play and Ariel’s grotto with treasures from The Little Mermaids human world collection. My boys can not wait to stay in this resort. My little kiddo did not understand why we could not go back to Nemo Land after this night. Yes, he truly thought it was a destination in itself.

One other area that we saw a small sneak peek into was the food court area. This dining location is called The Landscape of Flavors and will feature items that include fresh smoothies, hand-scooped gelato, and Mongolian barbecue. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served, along with snacks here, the poolside snack bar, and pizza delivery.

Dining area

There is so much more to be found and explored within the Art of Animation Resort, but you will have to capture those memories with your friends and family. I know that we hope to stay here one day soon.

So if you were to go to the Art of Animation right now, what would be your first must see item?

It's Me

Disclosure: Although we paid for our own trip to Disney World to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we were given an incredible deal from Disney. Also note that Disney never asked us to blog about this event. As a long time Disney fan, it is my pleasure to share my experiences from the event.

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