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Sushi Style Birthday Dinner

For our birthday celebrations, we try to go to a restaurant that the person likes for lunch or dinner on their special day. For the boys, this usually happens on their day since the weather is typically nice in May and August. I am the lone winter birthday in our immediate family and often get snowed out.

Yesterday, was TechyDad’s birthday. The boys were not really interested in going out, so they went to have pizza with Nana and Papa. This meant that the birthday boy could really pick the location he liked. He decided to go back to Mr. Fuji’s. We went there on our 10th anniversary the night of our plumbing fiasco. The meal was delicious, so I was all for it.

We ordered our meals. I went vegetarian so I could share with TechyDad since I was not too hungry. First, our Miso Soup and salad arrived. It was quite good.

Miso soup and salad

We decided to have one of our favorite sushi rolls from our previous trip there. Here is our avocado and peanut roll. This was just as delicious as the first time we had it. I could have stopped right here.


As I mentioned, we ordered vegetarian so we could try two items and share. TechyDad has the vegetable sushi meal. It was really a beautiful presentation.

Vegetable Sushi Meal

I opted to have the Teriyaki Tofu. It was served with some white rice and under the lightly fried tofu were amazing onions in the tangy sauce.

Tofu dish

We normally would not have ordered anything after our meal, but TechyDad had received a really amazing birthday coupon via e-mail from Mr. Fuji. It included a discount and free Tempura Ice Cream.

Tempura ice cream

There are no words to describe the ice cream properly. It seriously should be illegal and makes me really curious about their tempura cheesecake (imagine me drooling).

Then, it was time to head back to the boys who wanted to use TechyDad as a boat. Apparently, the little guy is talking about cruises lately. Hmmm…. maybe he dreams of a trip on the Disney Dream as well.

The SS TechyDad

I tried to get a good photo of the kids with the birthday boy, but they were acting too silly. This was the best of the batch.

My Boys

And then it was time for birthday cake. TechyDad had requested a cookie cake, so the boys and I went to purchase one earlier in the day. It was quite colorful.

Cookie Cake Time

Here is the birthday boy making a wish – possibly for some quiet time.

The Birthday Boy

I do hope that TechyDad enjoyed his birthday meal out in quiet, and had fun with the colorful birthday cake in the end. More about that coming on his blog.


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Birthday Wishes for TechyDad – 2011

Today, I am breaking away from being completely wordless to wish my amazing husband, TechyDad, a happy birthday. For ten years, we have celebrated your big day as husband and wife. Eight years ago, we sat wondering on your special day when our first child would be born. Of course, that would be just two short weeks later.

Thank you for being the most amazing husband who gets my love for all things Disney and is now a proud NDD at The Disney Driven Life.

 Family Together

Fun Alone with NHL

Showing their guns before the castle

TechyDad and his boys

I love Tweeting to you and texting sweet nothings so the kids can not spell them while in the room. Wow, how things have changed in a few short years. I can not wait to sit and relax together on our belated 10th Anniversary trip without the kiddos.

Just the Two of Us

At least then you can sit by a slightly larger pool and not worry about getting hit in the head with a water toy by the boys.

 Pool relaxation attempt

The boys are so lucky to have you as their father. It isn’t every parent that would go running into the splash area at the park.

Fun at the park

Thank you for being the man of my dreams and riding this adventure of a life with me. I love with with all of my heart and hope to have many more amazing years together.


Your Angel Forever


Previous Birthday Posts to TechyDad:

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Destination Romantic Disney Dreaming

I have a bad case of the Disney blues. You see, ten years ago in June, we had our amazing honeymoon at Walt Disney World. TechyDad and I were spoiled rotten and had the most magical experience on that trip. We stayed at the Beach Club Resort for 10 magical days. Beach Club Resort - June 2001

We decided to go all out and stayed at a deluxe resort. We wanted to be near Epcot so we could dine around the world and at the Boardwalk. They upgraded our room when they heard we were on our honeymoon. Check out the view from our balcony:

View from our room

We had a deluxe dining plan and also had the ability to do tours with our package. We did several behind the scene tours, ate at Spoodles, Le Cellier (several times with same day reservations – *gasp*), Chef Mickey, Crystal Palace, and saw Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba. Honeymoon artists - painting on our animation tour

This was when I made TechyDad a believer. He quickly saw the magic of a Walt Disney World vacation. He was able to see that it is not simply for families with children. It is a place where you can be with your spouse and have plenty of romantic moments. It is a location to wine and dine, be a kid, and enjoy magical memories together. It is a destination that you can visit over and over and still not see everything. So many people do not understand and I am ok with this. I am just lucky TechyDad gets it and so do friends like Amy. She just got back from a 10th anniversary trip to Walt Disney World with her husband. Before leaving, she wrote a post about romantic Disney with quotes from me included.

The rainbow over Disney's Boardwalk Resort

So why am I writing about this? Well, you see TechyDad and I are toying with doing something that is unlike us. We are talking about putting us first and getting away without the boys. Yes, we are debating a 10th anniversary trip to Walt Disney World. Sure, we have been since our honeymoon, but not just the two of us. In fact, the only time we have been away without the boys was to BlogHer last year in NYC. This would be a trip for us, not in the name of Social Media (imagine that).

The two of us March 2011 - DisneySMMoms

We won’t be staying at the Beach Club Resort this time, but it will still be a magical vacation for just the two of us. Now, we just have to check a few more items and figure out child care. The boys can probably stay with TechyDad’s parents, but they have never done that without us before. A lot of things are on my mind, but dreaming and making this into a reality is making me smile.

If you have any suggestions on romantic meals or other places to visit as a couple at Disney World, I would love to hear about it. A lot has changed in ten years.

So, please excuse me for a little while. I need to dream a little more about the possibility of a romantic getaway to the most magical place with my amazing husband. We need this for us and our family.

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Wedding Day – 10 Years Ago

Wow. Ten years ago today I married JL. Way back in the day, he was not TechyDad. The Angel Forever was getting ready to become the Mrs to her Long Island Love.

TechyDad and Best Man

At that point in our lives we knew that one day we would be parents, but were young, naïve, and focused on our wedding day. The stresses leading up to our magical day all melted away on that beautiful Sunday morning. Before we knew it, our ketubah was signed and we were standing under the chuppah in front of all of our family and friends.

Under The Chuppah

Most of the actual wedding day events are a blur to me. I hardly recall eating, drinking, or much. Thank goodness we have photos. Here is a rare moment when we sat down at our wedding table. Note that even Mickey and Minnie were invited to celebrate before we went to visit them on our honeymoon.

Wedding Day Table

The next morning we left early for our long awaited Disney World honeymoon. This was JL’s first time there and I was determined to make him as crazy about Disney. I do believe it worked.

Relaxing at the Beach Club Resort

Our Honeymoon Disney Ears

We had a magical ten days at Disney dining, exploring, relaxing, and romancing. I think JL saw that Disney World is not just for kids. We went to see Cirque du Soleil La Nouba, and did several behind the scene tours and were spoiled as newlyweds. Yes, we were Disneyfied!

Since we stayed at The Beach Club Resort, we walked from our resort into Epcot a lot to dine. We would enter the park via France in World Showcase. Almost ten years later, we stopped for a rare photo together while visiting France


My letter to TechyDad from last year still holds true. I am beyond lucky to have an amazing husband and best friend. It has been quite an adventure the last 10 years, and I look forward to many more magical moments together. I love you with all of my heart and look forward to the rest of our lives together.

So my question to everyone today:

Where did you go on your honeymoon and have you ever been back? If you are waiting for the honeymoon of your dreams, where would you like to go?

For more wedding photos and memories:


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Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the linky there if you are participating.

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Aloha #157

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Golf, Food, Family, and Fun

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around here are typically days that we try to do something fun and different with the kids to enjoy a day together. This year was no different. We opted not to go strawberry picking and took the boys to a local miniature golf location. They have the traditional outdoor one, but also a fun glow in the dark indoor one. Since it was beautiful outside, we did the outdoor one. For Father’s Day they were doing a pay for 18 holes and play all 36. It seemed like a good plan.

Heading into the castle

I opted not to play, instead I took photos, walked, helped the little guy (his first time playing), and whined. Yes, I was in a cranky mood. The boys were not listening, heat, and rough condition of the greens were making me wish we had gone to get strawberries. After a bit, I calmed down some and we muddled our way past 26 of the 36 holes. It was getting late and I knew the boys were getting antsy.

Father's Day 2011 Mini-Golfing

TechyDad picked a new place to try to lunch. We went to Saati Deli and Catering and had an absolutely delicious meal. The people were super friendly, the menu huge, and food amazing. TechyDad and I decided to split a big grilled cheese sandwich for the boys and get them a small french fry (they rarely have them). Then we split two sandwiches to try. I selected the Grilled Vegetable, Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto and Balsamic Glaze. TechyDad opted for the Feta Cheese, Fried Eggplant, Pesto, Lettuce and Tomato. Yum, yum, yum – we all loved the food we had. There is no doubt that we will be going back here again.

Lunch at Saati's

From here we splurged and went back to the ice cream place that Nana and Papa had taken us to a week ago. Since I was not a huge fan of the kind I had last time, I tried something new. OMG – I was in heaven. Seriously, check this bad boy out:

My new BFF

This has to be one of the best ice cream flavors I have ever had. It was Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough. What is not to love about what combination?

We went to do a little shopping and then went home to grab some items to take to Nana and Papa’s house. While there the boys played, TechyDad took a nap, and I prepared the Asian Salad that my father requested. Here is a sneak peak of what was in that:

Asian Salad for Dad

We had a wonderful dinner with my parents, fantastic new-to-me watermelon, and then came home to get the boys into bed. No, it may not have been exactly the day we planned, but it was a great day with our family.

What did you do to celebrate Father’s Day this year?


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